Dental Bridges Nottingham

A bridge is a way of replace missing teeth, there are different types of bridge, which use different fixing methods. When you come along to the practice your dentist will suggest the most effective and conservative bridge for your personal situation.



Why Should I Replace Missing Teeth?

There are several main reasons for replacing missing teeth. Your appearance is one reason. Another is that the gap left by a missing tooth can mean greater strain on the teeth at either side. A gap can also mean your bite is affected, because the teeth next to the space can lean into the gap and alter the way the upper and lower teeth bite together. This can then lead to food getting packed into the gap, which causes both decay and gum disease.


What are Dental Bridges Made of?

Bridges are usually made of a precious metal base. If the bridge will show, porcelain is then bonded to the base. Sometimes, there are other non-precious metals used in the base to reduce the cost.


Further Information on Dental Bridges

If you would like further information on dental bridges, or have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to contact the practice and a member of staff will be happy to help.


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