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Dear Chris, Louise and Sam

Just wanted to thank you after my visit earlier today. You were all very kind and helpful and did put me at ease. I will see you on 28th July, I may be a wreck but it's definitely a start!


Mrs DW:)


To Sam & Adele


Thank you so much for coming into the surgery before the start of your working day to remove my tooth, the care and understanding you both gave me was exceptional.


I can not thank you enough, you have given me a possitive attitude towards my dental kare.


Kind regards




Hi Chris


I have dental phobia, which has caused me pain and suffering for many years but more recently the past 15 months, I needed a tooth extracting but because of my phobia, and I would like to say bought on by my previous practice, I have lived with agonising tooth ache rather than visiting my dentist.


The pain worsened and was ruining my life, I carried Co-Codomal around with me all the time! I reached a point last Christmas saying to my husband I WILL in the New Year deal and sort this out.


My husband helped me on the internet and found Impression Dental Care in Nottingham, I live approx 32 miles away, which takes just over an hour to reach there, but time and distance was no worry to me.


Not sure if you have already read my first feedback, my first visit so I wont ramble on to much about that, but concentrate on the tooth extraction.


I was given 2 tablets, one to take the night before and the other the morning of the extraction, I was also being sedated.


There was a point a couple of days before on the Saturday evening when I was SO nervous and anxious, I felt SICK! I couldn’t take any more so I emailed the practice manager Chris and explained my anxieties to him, Chris emailed me back straight away and put my mind at ease, I have to say though at this point I NEVER once thought about canceling, I KNEW I was in good hands, Marlita is an angel!


I arrived at the surgery totally relaxed, Marlita was so kind to me, held my hand and relaxed me so much before taking me into the surgery.


The sedation was so quick, All I remember was Marlita talking to me about holidays and me looking at the nurse and saying I am scared are you? hehe this makes me chuckle. I don’t remember anything else, apparently I talked a lot, but that dosn’t surprise me, even sedation dosn’t shut me up LOL. I was given a pillow for my head and a blanket to keep me warm, the heating was also turned up for me.


Chris and Marlitia helped strap me into the car and waved me off, now where else do you get this?


Yes I was sore for a few days later, but rather the soreness than the pain, the soreness has now gone altogether, and my gum is healing nicely, I also have beautiful white teeth too due to having gum treatment also, I couldn’t stop looking at my pearlies! The receptionist phoned me the following day to check all was ok with me.


I have just been today for a follow up to make sure the gum is healing, do you know something today that I did, I almost jumped on the chair with excitement, so pleased to see them all, and so thankful, Since walking into this practice I have NEVER shook like I have before and I WILL be going back for further treatment.


Thank you to all at Impressions, you REALLY do care about your patients!


Beverley (Nott’s)


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