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Dear Chris


About 6 years ago, I had a very traumatic experience at the hands of a dental hygienist, and vowed never to sit in 'the chair' again. However, a very painful wisdom tooth suddenly meant that that was no longer an option!

I was pleased to get a very quick appointment (I think I came in on a Monday and was booked in for the Thursday) - that certainly helps nervous patients as you don’t really have time to get cold feet and change your mind. On the Thursday, Marlita was extremely patient with me and talked to me at length before going anywhere near my teeth. During the examination, she explained exactly what she was going to do next, which was very reassuring. She then clearly explained all my different treatment options.

I chose to have my teeth cleaned under intravenous sedation, meaning I have very little memory of the actual procedure. I remember going to the surgery feeling quite calm and relaxed and then waking up a good few hours later in my own bed.The best thing about my experience is that I am now willing to come back, on a regular basis, to ensure my teeth are looked after.

Best wishes
Sarah Robinson


Hi Chris,


Thought you may like some feedback, positive of course, I’m not sure if you add this sort of thing to your website, if not then please share with your "Team".To say in Dec 2009 I only had 2 x-rays at a practice in Newark, and came out a quivering wreck! Shaking and almost to the point of tears! The other day I am proud to say I had 6 small ones and a HUGE one hehe and I was absolutely fine! I didnt tremble once!


The receptionist is "Lovely" when I walked in I was greeted by a lovely "Would you like a drink?" compared to my previous practice.... "NAME!!" shouted at you, big difference!


Marlita is absolutely wonderful, she examined me and was so gentle and spoke so softly, I could have nodded off! Never experienced this before! Explains 100% and has time for me, and comforted me when told me that I had gum disease, which was quite shocking to hear, as I thought my previous dentist would have detected this in Dec!


Adele was so understanding as I explained my fears to her, and was very patient with me when I needed to swallow!All in all the 2 visits have been remarkable! THOUGH yes here it is I am absolutely petrified of the date 22nd March! But I will be there, as I know I will be in good hands, I have already told Marlita not to kill me and Adele to check my breathing, gawd knows what will come out on the day, (apart from a tooth hehe) when I am anxious I say anything!


Anyway Chris, thank you to you and your team, you have all been very patient/kind /sympathetic and thought I would pass this on.I could praise you for ever more but I know you have a job to do and this is lengthy enough lol.


You wouldn’t believe I run my own business would you!!! I am so assertive!


Thanks again.

Sandra F


Dear Impressions Dental Care


Sam was great, very kind and understanding as was Marlita who carried out the sedation, can’t thank them enough.





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