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Dear Chris


After a number of bad experiences with dentists, I had developed a severe fear of dental treatment and had not visited a dentist for years.


Eventually I was unable to eat properly and couldn’t sleep - the severe pain and an infection forced me to begin looking for a new dentist. After searching online I contacted Impressions Dental Care and in trepidation I booked an appointment. I need not have worried - Impressions Dental Care is incomparable. After a new patient examination, I was booked in for two sessions of treatment of two hours each. I was given an IV sedative and although I remained conscious during the treatment, I did not experience any pain or discomfort whatsoever - it really was amazing.


Marlita (dentist), and Louise and Adele (nurses), radiate compassion and calm - Marlita, Louise and Adele are the epitome of professionalism - throughout my treatment nothing was too much trouble for them - they were always so patient and helpful in explaining and answering my questions. Marlita has a gentle touch and a quiet confidence which put me at ease from the very beginning. I am so glad to have found Impressions Dental Care and I look forward to my check-up in November.


All good wishes


Paul T


Hi all at Impressions,

Wowwwww what do I say about my experience of the care and support I have received from your Practice. Marlita, Louise and Adele thank you, thank you, thank you!

In my mind I must have been the most phobic patient that has ever walked through your doors and yet I found the whole experience relaxing and surreal. That I even managed to get myself willingly into that dreaded chair and have all the work done was an absolute miracle.

When I walked out of my dentist about 7 years ago and said ’Never Again!’ I really did mean it. Although, all through that time, I knew I would have to face my fears again at some later date and knew as time went by the work needed to be done was getting more and more.

From the word go when I rang your Practice one Friday afternoon it gave me a panic attack and I thought I was even going to faint whilst on the telephone just making an appointment. How ridiculous is that for a 60 year old woman!

From walking through your doors, and the appointments I had previous to the work being done, I was completely put at ease and was even filled with confidence after my first consultation with Marlita. All your staff are very, very professional and were more than sympathetic to the situation I had found myself in.

With regard to the actual procedure day, Monday 22nd October 2012, I still cannot believe that I actually did it - thank you to all of you for getting me into that chair and making the whole experience PAIN and FEAR free!!!

Cannot also believe I was sedated for that amount of time and just got up out of the chair and walked out of the Practice after having such alot of work done. I went home feeling on Cloud 9 and pampered myself for the rest of the day by relaxing on the settee and watching day time television - job done.

If you have any patients in future who need extra reassurance from a patient having gone through the whole experience I would be more than happy to sing your praises.


Well what is there left for me to say. How many times can I say Thank You to all of you for helping me get through this difficult time?

Bye for now and I look forward to seeing you all for my next appointment!!!

Deonne Stirland




My experience yesterday was very positive! I have a phobia of dentists and was terrified when I found I had to have 2 teeth out! I decided to have sedation and Sam and the staff were fantastic! They were all very caring throughout my visit and I never once felt patronised or a time waster (as previous unpleasant experiences at other surgeries I have had). They even call you the next day to see how you are! Never had that before! I would recommend sedation for anyone with a phobia as you don't remember a thing!


I've now got to have some fillings which I feel I can have without too much anxiety because I know I will be well looked after!


Thank you Sam and the girls!


Jenny Kurtis

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