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I was terrified of the dentist to the point of if anyone had a conversation about dentists, I’d either change the subject or leave the room. I knew however that I needed my teeth looking at as I’d been crippled with the fear for 40 years. It took me 7 attempts at parking up and  knocking on the door, each time losing my courage. When I finally did,  Natasha opened it, I could barely talk and was in tears with fear. Her gentle and caring approach gave me the courage to take the next step.

An appointment was booked with Sam for an informal chat and a coffee the next week. Sam, somehow managed to get me in that chair and to open my mouth for you to take a look…..that in itself to me was a huge step that once would have been impossible for me.

I had written down my fears and what I’d like to achieve. Sam went through each one and discussed them addressing each fear without judgement. Since then I have had my check up and X-rays and was astounded to hear I had no decay! My teeth needed a good scale and Polish which Sam did in two sessions.

I had planned to be numbed for the treatment, but honestly, it was fine and Sam let me be in control to stop if I needed the whole time. Since then, I’ve had a whitening treatment and have actually had braces, each time with Sam and Adele being truly amazing, gentle and supportive. The whole team have all given me the support and a confidence to take each step to get where I am today.

I still can’t believe I have conquered a crippling fear that has affected my life for 40 +years. I still have a tiny butterfly in my tummy on appointment day, but honestly if you have the fear I did, please just call or pop in and I promise it’s no where near as bad as you have built up in your mind.

I can’t thank team Impressions enough, they have actually changed my life.


Hi Chris

I have dental phobia, which has caused me pain and suffering for many years but more recently the past 15 months, I needed a tooth extracting but because of my phobia, and I would like to say bought on by my previous practice, I have lived with agonising tooth ache rather than visiting my dentist.

The pain worsened and was ruining my life, I carried Co-Codomal around with me all the time! I reached a point last Christmas saying to my husband I WILL in the New Year deal and sort this out.

My husband helped me on the internet and found Impression Dental Care in Nottingham, I live approx 32 miles away, which takes just over an hour to reach there, but time and distance was no worry to me.

Not sure if you have already read my first feedback, my first visit so I wont ramble on to much about that, but concentrate on the tooth extraction.

I was given 2 tablets, one to take the night before and the other the morning of the extraction, I was also being sedated.

There was a point a couple of days before on the Saturday evening when I was SO nervous and anxious, I felt SICK! I couldn’t take any more so I emailed the practice manager Chris and explained my anxieties to him, Chris emailed me back straight away and put my mind at ease, I have to say though at this point I NEVER once thought about canceling, I KNEW I was in good hands.

I arrived at the surgery totally relaxed, the dentist was so kind and relaxed me so much before taking me into the surgery.

The sedation was so quick, All I remember was the dentist talking to me about holidays and me looking at the nurse and saying I am scared are you? hehe this makes me chuckle. I don’t remember anything else, apparently I talked a lot, but that dosn’t surprise me, even sedation dosn’t shut me up LOL. I was given a pillow for my head and a blanket to keep me warm, the heating was also turned up for me.

Yes I was sore for a few days later, but rather the soreness than the pain, the soreness has now gone altogether, and my gum is healing nicely, I also have beautiful white teeth too due to having gum treatment also, I couldn’t stop looking at my pearlies! The receptionist phoned me the following day to check all was ok with me.

I have just been today for a follow up to make sure the gum is healing, do you know something today that I did, I almost jumped on the chair with excitement, so pleased to see them all, and so thankful, Since walking into this practice I have NEVER shook like I have before and I WILL be going back for further treatment.

Thank you to all at Impressions, you REALLY do care about your patients!


Beverley (Nott’s)

Dear Chris

About 6 years ago, I had a very traumatic experience at the hands of a dental hygienist, and vowed never to sit in ‘the chair’ again. However, a very painful wisdom tooth suddenly meant that that was no longer an option!

I was pleased to get a very quick appointment (I think I came in on a Monday and was booked in for the Thursday) – that certainly helps nervous patients as you don’t really have time to get cold feet and change your mind. On the Thursday, Marlita was extremely patient with me and talked to me at length before going anywhere near my teeth. During the examination, she explained exactly what she was going to do next, which was very reassuring. She then clearly explained all my different treatment options.

I chose to have my teeth cleaned under intravenous sedation, meaning I have very little memory of the actual procedure. I remember going to the surgery feeling quite calm and relaxed and then waking up a good few hours later in my own bed.The best thing about my experience is that I am now willing to come back, on a regular basis, to ensure my teeth are looked after.

Best wishes

Sarah Robinson

Hi Chris,

Thought you may like some feedback, positive of course, I’m not sure if you add this sort of thing to your website, if not then please share with your “Team”.To say in Dec 2009 I only had 2 x-rays at a practice in Newark, and came out a quivering wreck! Shaking and almost to the point of tears! The other day I am proud to say I had 6 small ones and a HUGE one hehe and I was absolutely fine! I didn’t tremble once!

The receptionist is “Lovely” when I walked in I was greeted by a lovely “Would you like a drink?” compared to my previous practice…. “NAME!!” shouted at you, big difference!

The dentist is absolutely wonderful, she examined me and was so gentle and spoke so softly, I could have nodded off! Never experienced this before! Explains 100% and has time for me, and comforted me when told me that I had gum disease, which was quite shocking to hear, as I thought my previous dentist would have detected this in Dec!

Adele was so understanding as I explained my fears to her, and was very patient with me when I needed to swallow!All in all the 2 visits have been remarkable! THOUGH yes here it is I am absolutely petrified of the date 22nd March! But I will be there, as I know I will be in good hands, I have already told Marlita not to kill me and Adele to check my breathing, gawd knows what will come out on the day, (apart from a tooth hehe) when I am anxious I say anything!

Anyway Chris, thank you to you and your team, you have all been very patient/kind /sympathetic and thought I would pass this on.I could praise you for ever more but I know you have a job to do and this is lengthy enough lol.

You wouldn’t believe I run my own business would you!!! I am so assertive!

Thanks again.

Sandra F

Dear Impressions Dental Care

Sam was great, very kind and understanding as was Marlita who carried out the sedation, can’t thank them enough.



To whom it may concern,

I became a patient at Impressions, Kimberley, Nottingham 18 months ago and under their guidance have undergone extensive dental treatment including bone graft surgery, dental implants and root canal work.

From the outset, and at all stages of my courses of treatment, I have found the staff at this practice, and the consultants that they engage, to be totally professional, patient, kind and friendly, and any anxiety that I had quickly put to rest.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this dental practice, especially to those who are fearful of dental procedures.

Yours sincerely

(Mr) R A. Atkins

Dear Chris

With regards to the treatment I received as a “nervous patient” I was extremely happy. The whole procedure was explained to me really well before hand and every effort was made to put me at ease. The treatment went really well and the staff at the practice were very kind and considerate of my feelings.

I would certainly recommend conscious sedation to anyone else.


Jon Davidson


Thank you for your letter asking for feedback. I am pleased to say that I was made to feel very comfortable when I attended for an initial consultation. I have some work which needs undertaking and will be coming back to her for this. Whilst I haven’t yet had any dental work completed I do expect to be well looked after and have my fears and nervousness taken very seriously by Impressions Dental Care. I hope this is helpful.



Good Morning Chris,

Would you please pass on my thanks to Marlita and the girls for looking after me so caringly and competently yesterday.

From the ’jigsaw pieces’ of the visit that I have managed to put together, it was a comfortable and relaxing experience with no concerns from my side. This is of course a view from my perspective, and I am sure that things were very different for the team. I genuinely appreciate their hard work and dedication in what must be a pressured situation for them.

If ever you have an clients who are unsure about going through similar treatment then I would be more than happy to make recommendations or be a referee for Marlita, whichever is appropriate.

I now have a gap in appointments and won’t be seeing you all until well into the New Year, so I will take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Best Regards.


Dear Chris

As a new customer being able to talk to the dentist first and discuss my previous problems was good giving me an opportunity to get to know the dentist who would be treating me.This was very important to me. Treatment was very professional and all the team were very sympathetic to my phobia.

Thank you

Claire Adamson

Hi Chris

I would be only to happy to provide feedback from my recent dental appointment last Monday.

I could not praise Marlita enough she was kind, gentle and very professional.

I have no recollection of anything that happened in the dentist chair other then them putting the needle in my arm in the sensitive nature that they did, the next I knew I was sat in bed with a jacket poatoe watching t.v., waiting for some pain to arrive, which it never did. The next day I was a little bit tender, but so gratful to have had such a trouble free experience.

I dont think I am cured of my fear of Dentist yet, but I am not so scared as before and to me that is a major thing in my life. I have always been so terrified from being a little girl until now 49 years old. So I would like to thank all the wonderful staff at Impressions for all their understanding and kind words and I will be back for my check up in April without so much concern.

I will have no hesitation in recomending Impressions Dental to anyone, especially for any one with a fear of Dentist.

Kind regards

Andrea S


I want to come again ?

Seriously, was better than I thought, slept through the whole procedure, snored my head of and woke up when they had done, went home and slept for 3 hours solid, haven’t slept so well in years ? would recommend it to anyone that has a dental phobia




Happy to provide feedback as long as i am not named on your website.

I suffer from a phobia of dentists, I am so scared that I usually miss my check-ups and only go when I absolutely have to – when I have a problem with one of my teeth.

Impressions was recommended to me by a friend and so I went in to the dentist. who totally put me at my ease with her calm, caring manner and also what I found really helpful was that she explained in great detail what she needed to do to my teeth (which was really helpful as it didn’t sound as bad as I initially thought when time was taken to explain properly).

I have had 2 crowns fitted recently and I have to say both times were the best trips to the dentist I have ever had, I opted for sedation and would highly recommend it to anyone with a phobia of the dentist, I remember nothing whatsoever about the procedure – which for me is fantastic as I know that had i not had sedation I would have felt like I was having a heart attack, been sick and would most likely have ran away out of the dentist after 2 minutes.

On my last visit which was just for a check-up I actually felt really calm about going to the dentist, I think because I now trust the dentist so much I had no sleepless night beforehand worrying about it- which for me is also a first.

I have recently moved away from Nottingham to Glasgow and will continue to use Impressions dentist as I am so pleased with their care and treatment.

Thank you

A Customer

Just wanted to say thanks for today! Never had such a nice experience at a dentist in 34 years.

See you soon



Prior to becoming a patient of Impressions Dentists, I had had a number of very bad experiences, and had over a number of years developed a very bad dental phobia, to the point where even phoning a dentist for an appointment would take a number of days of anxiety. I approached Impressions earlier this year and immediately felt as if they could help. The receptionist on the phoning was calming and reassuring. and even arranged for me to meet with the Dental Surgeon prior to having any treatment agreed to discuss my past experiences and concerns.

The dentist had a long discussion with me, where she asked me for detailed information about my dental work in the past and my current concerns about coming to a dentist. She talked through all of the options that would be available to me and allowed me to make decisions based on how I felt I could cope with treatments needed. In the end, a short term and long term plan was drawn up to allow me to cope with the current issues with my mouth and then longer term options that would eventually allow me to come to the dentist without being utterly petrified. Prior to coming to Impressions I really felt that if Impressions let me down, I would NEVER go to the dentist again, as I had had enough negative experiences in the past to know that if things went wrong this time – I was done. Impressions did NOT let me down and I know that for the rest of my life, if they are in practice, I will be one of their patients.

I have been to the practice 5 times and I have seen the dentist twice for treatment, where I opted to have IV sedation. Rather than spending an hour in the dentists chair scared and crying, I was relaxed and I believe I even had a little sleep. I far cry from my previous dentist’s practices where I felt I was on a conveyor belt and was physically hurt.

Impressions treatment, reassurance, and follow up care is second to none, and I know that in the coming years my son, who is now only a small baby, will come with me to the dentist and never develop a phobia like I did, as he will have complete confidence in the team and never associate going to the dentist with anything negative. It is no exaggeration to say that the whole dental team are caring professionals, who work with you towards gaining confidence in dentistry and any treatment needed and without their help and support I would NEVER have got to the point where I can say I have a healthy mouth.

I cannot speak highly enough for Impressions Dentists, and if you feel you have reached the point where you cannot go to the dentist and that no one can help you, then call Impressions. I promise you – they can.

Thank you

Rebecca, Eastwood Notts

Hi Chris

I am happy to provide some feedback regarding my experiences as requested. Firstly, although an anxious patient my major concerns were regarding actually booking an appointment, as opposed to any treatment. It has been such a long time since I visited a dentist that the treatment side didn’t present any initial concerns.

I would say that the way I was treated by yourself during telephone consultation was very helpful and put me at ease straight away, meaning that the prospect of booking an appointment and subsequently visiting the surgery wasn’t as terrifying as I thought. My husband has also commented on how helpful and friendly you were during your discussions and we both felt that the time you took to speak to us was invaluable. In terms of the treatment received I am very happy.

The initial consultation was a worrying prospect for me as I was embarrassed about my oral hygiene and concerned about the prospect of extensive treatment. Sam was extremely friendly and reassuring, putting me at ease straight away. I felt that I wasn’t rushed into doing anything I wasn’t ready for and felt comfortable being assessed.

When it came to the removal of my tooth this week the dentist was friendly, reassuring and extremely competent. Due to the experience I had in the initial consultation I felt confident that he would do a good job and I was comfortable with allowing him to do the extraction. I was extremely nervous, understandably, but he put me at ease and the procedure went well. The dental assistant was also very nice and let me squeeze her hand throughout!

Overall, I have had a very positive experience so far and feel that it has done me the world of good. It has now put me in a position of confidence when it comes to further dental treatment and general attitude towards dentists! On another note I do need to book a further appointment for my last bit of treatment so I will call as soon as possible to sort.

Hayley s


I am happy to give feed back

I have been treated with kindness and respect, and with a great deal of understanding. the sedation used ment i did not know anything about it and would recommend it to anyone with a phobia. I no longer dred going to the dentist.

Mrs G (Nottingham)

Dear All

I would just like to say a very big thank you for all your help. These last five months have been awful for me and if my husband had not found your practice I don’t know what I would have done.

To you Chris, thank you for being so kind and patient with me and for listening to me ranting on about what had been happening.

For you Sam thank you for being so kind and patient with me and for at last getting my tooth out and for you Adele thank you for holding my hand and making me feel that you cared about my well being.

Kind regards

Mrs K

Dear Chris,

Many thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback- I have been so impressed with everyone at Impressions

I last had a proper dental appointment around 4 years ago which I only attended as my face was swollen and I had three abscesses on my back tooth – I hadn’t been to a dentist for 15 years before that due to an absolute horror of dentists!! I have always suffered with toothache over the years and always refused to see anyone, choosing the option of living on neurofen and paracetamol (much to the despair of my friends and family!) however I started to have acute pain in my teeth again just before Christmas and swore that I would do something about it this time. I looked on the Internet and was surprised to find that you were just at the bottom of my road and that you treated nervous patients – I was a bit skeptical but made the appointment.

It turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done – the standard of care and sympathy was second to none from the moment I walked in the door. The receptionist was so lovely and chatted away to try and help with my nerves – I saw Sam and he was fantastic, even when he explained that three teeth could not be saved and would have to come out. I opted to have IV sedation for the extraction as I knew I couldn’t cope otherwise. I nearly chickened out on a number of occasions in the lead up to the appointment but it was great to receive a call the day before which really helped – we chatted through the procedure and I felt like I was in good hands. The day of the procedure, I was a nervous wreck but the support of the team was brilliant – everything was explained to me and I even had someone to hold my hand whilst Sam did the injections! The option of IV sedation was perfect for me as I have no memory of the procedure and it was so quick – I was no sooner in the chair than Sam was ready to start. The last thing I remember is Sam telling me to concentrate on my breathing and the next thing I knew I was in my own bed – feeling brilliant that I had finally done it!!

I would recommend this practice to anyone – especially if they have a fear of all things relating to the dentist (mine even extends to the mirrors they put in your mouth!!).

You really do understand the fears and do everything you can to help – thank you so much to everyone that helped me, I can’t believe I have finally done it!!

Thank you!!


Hi Just wanted to say a big thank you for the way I was treated when I came to your practice. In all my years of being dental phobic I have never been made to feel the way I did that day.

I felt really comfortable and reassured that everything was going to be ok and it was. I never thought going to the dentist could be an uplifting experience.


Mrs R

Dear All at Impressions

I am writing this email to say a big thank you, which I dont think even covers how I feel, for all that you have done for me over the past couple of months.

I have had a dental phobia now for approximately 20 years and from that first telephone call to your practice and chat with chris, to my first visit and chat with the dentist, I cannot praise you enough for helping me to get on the road to combat this phobia.

The sedation treatment was a god send and I was very confident as I felt I was in safe hands with all your staff.

Many thanks once again, see you at the end of August

Abbigail T

To all the staff at Impressions.

Thank you doesn’t seem to come close enough to say how grateful I am for giving me my confidence and life back, let alone my smile.

God Bless you all

Gabrele M


further to your e-mail regarding feedback for the dental treatment I received last year, I have pleasure in submitting feedback as follows:

When eating something hard I broke a front tooth clean off, well you can Imagine what I looked like when I smiled, something had to be done, the trouble was that the last time I visited a dentist was 50 years ago!

When I was 13 years old I had a bad experience with a dentist and never returned, but now I had no choice but to return to a dentist to have my tooth replaced, I found Impressions by looking on the internet, and was very impressed by their web page.

I deceided to pay them a visit first of all and speak to someone to find out what could be done, so in I went, the receptionist was very helpful and sent me upstairs to have a chat with the practice manager, who spent some 20 miniutes explaning the options to me, and recommended I see a dentist who did cosmetic dentristry.

It seemed a very nice place, and everbody was so nice, so I took a deep breath and booked to see the dentist. She was so kind and reassuring, and explained the best way to have my tooth replaced, so I booked an appointment with her there and then.

After an ex-ray and mould was compleated the day came when the job had to be done, well the dentist and her trainee were absolutely brilliant, so reassuring and kind, needless to say the treatment was compleated without any problems at all.

I was so pleased with my replacement tooth and cannot praise Impressions enough, so if like me, you are uncertain or afraid to go to a dentist then contact Impressions and have a chat, you will I am sure take the plunge and make an appointment.

Kind Regards,

B Price

Dear Chris

After a number of bad experiences with dentists, I had developed a severe fear of dental treatment and had not visited a dentist for years.

Eventually I was unable to eat properly and couldn’t sleep – the severe pain and an infection forced me to begin looking for a new dentist. After searching online I contacted Impressions Dental Care and in trepidation I booked an appointment. I need not have worried – Impressions Dental Care is incomparable. After a new patient examination, I was booked in for two sessions of treatment of two hours each. I was given an IV sedative and although I remained conscious during the treatment, I did not experience any pain or discomfort whatsoever – it really was amazing.

The dentist, and nurse, radiate compassion and calm – they are the epitome of professionalism – throughout my treatment nothing was too much trouble for them – they were always so patient and helpful in explaining and answering my questions.

I am so glad to have found Impressions Dental Care and I look forward to my check-up in November.

All good wishes

Paul T

Hi all at Impressions,

Wowwwww what do I say about my experience of the care and support I have received from your Practice, thank you, thank you, thank you!

In my mind I must have been the most phobic patient that has ever walked through your doors and yet I found the whole experience relaxing and surreal. That I even managed to get myself willingly into that dreaded chair and have all the work done was an absolute miracle.

When I walked out of my dentist about 7 years ago and said ’Never Again!’ I really did mean it. Although, all through that time, I knew I would have to face my fears again at some later date and knew as time went by the work needed to be done was getting more and more.

From the word go when I rang your Practice one Friday afternoon it gave me a panic attack and I thought I was even going to faint whilst on the telephone just making an appointment. How ridiculous is that for a 60 year old woman!

From walking through your doors, and the appointments I had previous to the work being done, I was completely put at ease and was even filled with confidence after my first consultation with the dentist. All your staff are very, very professional and were more than sympathetic to the situation I had found myself in.

With regard to the actual procedure day, Monday 22nd October 2012, I still cannot believe that I actually did it – thank you to all of you for getting me into that chair and making the whole experience PAIN and FEAR free!!!

Cannot also believe I was sedated for that amount of time and just got up out of the chair and walked out of the Practice after having such alot of work done. I went home feeling on Cloud 9 and pampered myself for the rest of the day by relaxing on the settee and watching day time television – job done.

If you have any patients in future who need extra reassurance from a patient having gone through the whole experience I would be more than happy to sing your praises.

Well what is there left for me to say. How many times can I say Thank You to all of you for helping me get through this difficult time?

Bye for now and I look forward to seeing you all for my next appointment!!!

Deonne Stirland


My experience yesterday was very positive! I have a phobia of dentists and was terrified when I found I had to have 2 teeth out! I decided to have sedation and Sam and the staff were fantastic! They were all very caring throughout my visit and I never once felt patronised or a time waster (as previous unpleasant experiences at other surgeries I have had). They even call you the next day to see how you are! Never had that before! I would recommend sedation for anyone with a phobia as you don’t remember a thing!

I’ve now got to have some fillings which I feel I can have without too much anxiety because I know I will be well looked after!

Thank you Sam and the girls!

A customer

I am writing to thank you for the excellent treatment that I received. I am so pleased I had the dental work done.

Through your skilled and compassionate care I have now got over my phobia and it is all thanks to you.


Just thought I would email you to say a big thank you on behalf of myself and valerie for the caring way in which you treated me yesterday.

After a good nights sleep I am suffering no ill effects. In fact I found the whole experience a fairly pleasant one and am able to go out today to enjoy the sunshine.

After over 30 years of suffering a phobia it is a real relief to finally have the offending teeth extracted in such a relaxed way.

I look forward to seeing you all on the 21st May in the meantime would you pass on my thanks to all concerned.

Kindest regards

Colin Anderson

To Sam & Adele

Thank you so much for coming into the surgery before the start of your working day to remove my tooth, the care and understanding you both gave me was exceptional.

I can not thank you enough, you have given me a positive attitude towards my dental care.

Kind regards


Dear Chris, Adele and Sam

Just wanted to thank you after my visit earlier today. You were all very kind and helpful and did put me at ease. I will see you on 28th, I may be a wreck but it’s definitely a start!

Mrs DW