Teeth Whitening

Would you like a brighter whiter smile? Safe, effective professional teeth whitening, provided by General Dental Council registered professionals.

teeth whitening with BoutiqueProfessional Teeth Whitening

At Impressions Dental Care, we offer a complete home whitening solution with Boutique Whitening.

Millions of people worldwide agree that Boutique Whitening provides the most effective and comfortable, professional teeth whitening experience available.

60 times stronger than non-professional products

This high-strength formula is safe, easy to use, and promises stunning results within two to three weeks.

Boutique was built by a dentist with 20 years’ experience and a simple dream: to make the life-changing power of a beautiful smile accessible to everyone.

Their bespoke whitening solutions are trusted across four continents, thousands of dentists, and millions of patients.

Your Complete Teeth Whitening Solution

Check Up – Your dentist will examine your teeth and gums to make sure your teeth are ready, restore any cavities and take moulds for your bespoke whitening trays.

Trays – Your unique mould is sent to our laboratory where our technicians will precision manufacture whitening trays to fit your mouth very precisely.

Teeth Prep – While you wait for your trays, start using our specially formulated, extra-sensitive whitening toothpaste to get your pearly whites properly prepped.

Treatment – Collect your trays from the dentist and start using them at home with our whitening gels. In two to three weeks, you can unveil your beautiful new smile.